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A Million & One Thanks

on May 10, 2015
Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

I keep promising to start my blog in earnest but life keeps getting in the way. So I’m not going to commit to an every day blog just yet, I’ll post cards that I particularly love as often as I can.

My job keeps me busy, I love what I do and it’s important work, but it’s 22 miles away in heavy traffic at stupid o’clock in the morning – after 12 years do I hate that drive. But it’s nice to get home and then I can spend a couple of hours at the dining table making cards, or making lists of all the stuff I want from Stampin’ Up!

I love to make cards, you get an instant bang for your buck. Cross stitching is so peaceful and the results so beautiful, but it takes so much time. With card craft it’s a quick return on your artistic idea’s. It’s frustrating and sometimes an idea just doesn’t work on paper, but it’s such fun getting to a good card!

Everyone loves my cards but I get a few complaints from the fam because my crafting stuff has taken over our dining table, in fact the room. I should probably move into the utility room really, but I like to be a part of the riotous assembly that is family life while still doing what I want to do. Sadly at some point in the evening Trev and the kids start to demand food – it’s so annoying! Sometimes they’ll give up and cook, but mostly it’s my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very good cook and I love to cook, but it so eat’s into my crafting time!

I made this card for my hairdresser daughter to leave for her clients at her old hairdressing salon. She completed her training there 2 weeks ago and although it’s hard for her to leave her clients, she had to move on to improve and gain experience. After a 2 week holiday she starts at her new salon on Tuesday. I hope she’ll have a brilliant time and gain more confidence. My sister Carole had her hair done at the old salon this week and she says that this card is still proudly displayed on the counter! I made it by silver embossing my sentiment on white card, and matting that on a card base. I silver embossed 4 elegant butterflies, punched them out and arranged them around the sentiment. I hope you like it and if it inspires you to make similar cards you can buy all the materials used through my online shop. I look forward to seing you soon XXX


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